Can we Black Women please STOP Condemning “Un-laid” Edges?

Yet again, the stupid side of black Twitter has made their voices heard by dragging Victoria Secret for not “laying the edges” of model, Zuri Tibby in a recent photo shoot.

Every time black women publicly and passionately condemn the site of “nappy edges” on another black woman (Gabby Douglass) or black child (Blue Ivy), one powerful emotion surfaces within me; embarrassment. Embarrassment that after being called “nappy headed hoes” by celebrity white supremacists and “nappy headed” by rappers like French Montana, we still find no fault in shaming our own kinky roots.

While some may think they are simply extending an olive branch to those who may not be well versed in styling or maintaining black hair, you are not. You are not telling a joke and it isn’t funny either. You’re doing nothing more than adding to the stigma of black hair and more specifically, black hair that isn’t “done enough”. You are being a disservice to yourself and other black women.

I won’t sit here and lie about not having my own definition of “undone” or inappropriate looking hair but kinky edges isn’t one of them. I don’t care if you missed your relaxer touch up or if you sweat them out during exercise – they do not bother me. Why? Because that’s what black hair does, it’s what my hair does and I do not hate my hair. “Done” hair, to me, doesn’t always consist of “laid edges”. My kinky, type 4 hair doesn’t always have to be “laid” to be beautiful or appropriate.

Let me clarify that I am all for black people tastefully discussing how white establishments purposely make us look bad. I’m also down with black women advocating looking our best but there’s a fine line between constructive criticism and indirect self-sabotage. Black women publicly scolding other black women’s hair for behaving as it should not only makes you look bad, but points to your own insecurity and low self esteem. So next time, when you think to voice your dismay with “un-laid” edges, for your own good – keep that shit to yourself.


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