Vlogger Shares Effective Self Love Tips for Dark Skinned Women

YouTube vlogger Bianca Kleen has some awesome self love tips for dark skinned women and girls that DDS wholeheartedly agrees with. When colorist media and society says you aren’t good enough, a heaping dose of self love will always prevail! Get into the tips and video below.

1. Support platforms that celebrate you – As Bianca stated; “Do NOT look for popular culture for validation!”. You’ll lose every time trying to fit into what mainstream media and society says is beautiful. Stop asking to be included as a token and support platforms that you don’t have to beg to celebrate you, even if they aren’t as popular. Mainstream beauty isn’t the end all be all.

2. Daily positive affirmations – It may seem cliche but positive affirmations are indeed effective. Kiss yourself through the mirror if you have to, just don’t go a day without reminding yourself of how awesome you are!

3. Create your own catalog of women who look like you – Save pictures of dark skinned women in your phone and computer or follow pages that are going to flood your timeline with those images. Scrolling through beautiful renditions of your beautiful self is always a confidence booster!

4. Reprogram your mind/Meditate – Clearing your mind of the bad stuff and filling it with the good stuff can only bring you positive results. How has continuously feeding into colorism and hating your skin complexion helped you thus far? Discussing colorism is perfectly okay but wallowing in anger and pity is not. It’s time to rid yourself of toxic conditioning, BURY it, and stand in your power.

5. Seek Counseling if Necessary – If you need some assistance on the path to self love, don’t be ashamed! Overcoming the negative impact of colorism is harder for some and you may need a professional to help you unpack it all. It’s best to seek out a counselor who is also a woman of color that can fully relate to your unique experiences. Also, don’t be afraid to shop around (if needed) until you find someone you are comfortable with and who is willing to be honest about colorism.

Add any additional tips that you find helpful below!


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