The Black Woman Aesthetic – What’s NOT to Love About it?

As black women, especially dark skinned black women, our beauty is hardly ever celebrated by the masses. Society will literally skip over praising our features and aesthetic, but will praise it when it is on a woman of another race. There are not enough spaces that are telling us that black women are beautiful on their own. The mass media will try to convince us, that we are only pretty if we try to look more European. Black women are beautiful. That is something we should always have in the back of our heads. For those who sometimes feel insecure, or forget what there is to appreciate about the black women’s aesthetic, keep reading for reminders. What’s not to love about being black?

Black Don’t Crack!

Nobody can deny the amazing power of melanin. What is not to love about being melanin enriched? The benefits of being melanin enriched are endless. We are naturally tanned and beautifully colored. We as black women age beautifully. Of course I’m not just saying that, science backs that up. According to in the article “Benefits of Being Melanin Rich”, our ability to remain undamaged by the sun’s cause of premature aging, depends on the amount of melanin in your skin. Our melanin power fights the damages of UV radiation that cause skin cancer and eye sensitivity from the sun. This is because melanin is meant to protect your skin from the sun and harsh UV rays. How great is it knowing that melanocytes is a big factor to staying youthful looking? It is no secret that youth is a big part of beauty in this world. Black really don’t crack. What is not to love about that?

Our Noses are Cute!

Noses are cute wide or small. The white owned media that we are bombarded with will show and try to convince black women that, the smaller your nose is, the more attractive you are. That is not true. If your nose fits your face, you have a cute nose. Everybody is not meant to have tiny, skinny, or pointy noses. Wide and round noses come in many unique shapes that are just as appealing to look at as a thin or pointy nose is. They come in cute button shapes. They can be short or long. They can be rounded at the end or a slight mix of roundish and pointy. Our noses compliment our other pretty features we have as black women.

Full Lips

Full lips are just now being appreciated in mass media. Why? I don’t know why when black women have been rocking big lips for ever. It is apart of our NATURAL aesthetic. Lips are one of the biggest features that stands out on one’s face. The fact that black women (most of us) have full lips is something to be proud of. We don’t have to run to the cosmetic surgeon and go get our lips filled with whatever they inject them with nowadays. Full lips are beautiful to look at on their own. They are beautiful to dress up with makeup. They feel like nice soft cushions when we touch them, kiss somebody, or rub them together. What’s not to love about that?

Voluminous Hair

For years we have been told that our hair is only acceptable, when we conform it to European beauty standards. From hot combs, to perms, to texturizers, to relaxers and to straight hair weaves, type 4 hair has not been widely celebrated. As black women, we have a very unique hair texture. For type 4 hair, the word curly wouldn’t even describe the texture. We have more of a kinky texture. Unlike straight hair, our hair is very versatile. It is high maintenance, but the relationship you build with your hair care makes all the maintenance worth the work. We can wear it straight, in an afro, in a twist out, blow dried, gelled up, and it holds a style. What is not to love about that?

Embracing blackness is lit! In case any of you ladies ever need to be reminded, just refer to this article and remember everything there is to love about yourself!

Monet – “My name is Monet. It is said the same way as singer Janelle (Monae)! Friends and family call me Naisy (neigh•zee). Writing has always been my passion. My other hobbies are playing piano, cooking, working out (Pilates and tae Kwan do), reading and beauty/skin care”


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