Beauty Tips Every Black Woman Should Know

Here are a few tips that are sure to improve the quality of your everyday beauty regimens and intensify your glow from head to toe.

1. Acne: If you find that you’re still suffering from acne well into adulthood try implementing this.

STOP touching your face before washing your hands. Our hands are said to be a leading carrier of bacteria on our bodies. Think about it, our hands come in to contact with just about everything in our environment. (unless you’re one of those germaphobes that walk around wearing gloves and medical masks) So each time you touch your face be mindful of where your hands have been and that’ll put an end to that habit quick.

WASH your bedding frequently, all the oils from your hair and skin rub onto your bedding especially the pillow case which is in direct contact with your face. Clean sheets are just as important as clean clothes especially if you share your sleeping space with a partner.

Become Conscientious of what you put into your body and the way it reacts after consumption. For example, I avoid soda beverages because I know that the moment I have one within 24hours I will develop a Zit. Sometimes this is our body’s way of rejecting what isn’t good for us. (looking your best requires a significant amount of self-discipline.) “Things that taste good to us, aren’t necessarily good to us.” (read that twice) You are what you eat; therefore, being in tune with your body matters. Facial breakouts can also be indicators of other potential health issues. (i.e. chin breakouts may suggest that something is going on with your kidneys or bladder) Don’t panic, the solution could be to increase your water intake.

Do Not wash your face with the same towel used to wash your body. This is a big one! The oils from our hair and body are not produced for our face, which tends to be a bit more sensitive. The oils clog our pores and you want to avoid transmitting bacteria from your private areas to your face. For some clear skin is genetic and a wonderful inheritance. The rest of us must work at it much like anything else that is desired to be attained.

2. Mani/Pedi: A trip to the nail salon is a time for self-care and relaxation. The pampering treatment can be ideal, however there are a couple of safety precautions/sanitary measures to be mindful of.

Sanitizing all tools is a must. This includes the foot bowl attached to your back-massaging spa chair. If you aren’t certain whether it was done prior to your nail session don’t be hesitant to request that the tools are sanitized in your presence. You’re the one patronizing and this is but a simple request. These small steps will lessen the chances for encountering gangrene and fungal infections.

Healthy Nails should be the primary focus of your nail technician; like your hairstylist whose focus shouldn’t be giving you the latest “fly hair-do” over your hair health. So, before your nail technician applies any of the nail paints, fancy designs, and nail jewelry be sure they apply a clear base coat to your nail bed. Especially if you wear dark colors; the base coat prevents the polish from penetrating your nail beds which cause staining overtime. The base coat provides a smooth surface for a flawless application.

3. Facial Hair: Battling with unwanted facial hair is what I refer to as a “Beauty Burden”. One of the BIGGEST DON’Ts in terms of facial hair removal is NEVER EVER SHAVE! Applying a razor to your face escalates the problem. Shaving makes the hair grow back quicker and coarser. You may have started with a little peach fuzz and because of the razor you’re dealing with a fully-grown beard. Razor bumps and five o’ clock shadows will appear as well. It’s just a flat out NO! No! Instead consider these alternative hair removal procedures.

Tweezing: Plucking away the unwanted hair may be time consuming, hey cultivating your beauty is a process. A plus to this method if done correctly, will remove the hair strand in its entirety (White bulb at the end).

Waxing: This method is used on all body hair. Depending on your tolerance it can be slight pain/tension to the skin. Waxing leaves a smooth finish and the hair tends to grow back finer and at a slower rate. One downside is that overtime this method can cause the skin to sag due to continuous tugging.

Tumeric: This natural remedy is said to remove facial hairs if used consistently over a period. The Turmeric mask consists of items which can be found in your kitchen cupboards.


½ cup cold milk, ½ cup of gram flour, 2Tbsp of turmeric powder, and 1tsp of salt.

Mix these items into a paste and apply to a clean face. Allow mixture to dry and wash face with warm water. (WARNING: Turmeric may stain skin slightly, if so create a facial toner from apple cider vinegar and room temperature water or coconut oil alone will do the trick to remove the stains)

4. Dark Spots: This is a remedy I can vouch for personally; I use this beauty trick regularly. All you need are 3 edible Ingredients:1 whole banana, 1 5.3 oz. of plain Greek yogurt, and 2Tbsp of raw honey. Mix into a paste and apply to a clean face. allow to dry then rinse with warm water. The key to this remedy is CONSISTENCY! Do not expect to see a difference after one application. Also, apply sun block to the treated areas for protection. I have use this method under my arms, on my thighs, and face. IT WORKS!

5. Chapped/Peeling Lips: This is another tip I can vouch for. I learned this from the Tyra Banks Show and I’ve been using it ever since. Chronic dry lips, peeling, and cracking can be solved with a simple lip exfoliation. There are numerous lip peels and exfoliants on the market, however I’m all for “getting that glow, for the low”. Here’s another D.I.Y; you’ll need Vaseline/petroleum jelly and a tooth brush. Smooth the jelly on your lips and rub until hydrated/moist. Then apply a little bit more and don’t rub in as much, use the toothbrush to brush your lips, you will see the dead skin remove. Once your lips are smooth to your liking apply a small amount of jelly or your favorite lippy and you’re good to go.

6. Common/Not So Common: These are tips that may appear to be common sense, but upon my observation and interactions it is evident that this be reiterated.

Lotion Your Entire Body every day, regardless of whether you’re only going to wear your arms out. I have lost count of the numerous ladies I’ve encountered that think this is OK! Glowing skin requires maintenance, you can’t neglect your skin all year and expect your melanin to pop in the summer. I suggest lotioning your entire body directly after your shower. Your skin is most absorbent and depending on the product will stay hydrated the entire day.

Wrap Your Hair Before Bed: Many of us have been doing this since girlhood; wrapping your hair before bed helps your hair retain its moisture. We all know product isn’t cheap, moisturizing your hair only to have it rub off onto your pillow is not only wasteful but leads us back to beauty tip #1 Acne. Avoid redundancy and wrap your hair.

Ms. Lowery – “I reside in Los Angeles, Ca. I am former middle school teacher currently working in social service. My hobbies are reading, dance, gardening, and traveling.”


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