Black-Owned Décor Products to Help Beautify Your Home

Your home is your safe space, so it’s important to make sure it’s a place you can truly relax and express yourself. But if you need a little help decorating, here are 13 black-owned décor products and companies to help you embellish your home, your dorm room or even your work place.

1. This Afro-Style Decorative Pillow

Perfect for your bed or your couch, these products were made by hand and with lots of love! Created by EusiTwiga, the store also sells the afro kink pillows in purple, red and blue, as well as a pink-Ivy Decorative Pillow with a gorgeous floral design.

2. FroLove by Etsy user, JazmineLikeTheFlower

This gorgeous art piece was created by Jazmine, the owner of Etsy store, JazmineLikeTheFlower. The online store also sells two other abstract paintings, including “BlackSuperherosMatter”, a depiction of underrated black superheroes, and “Lexi”, a colorful portrait of a lion’s mane.

3. This Gift Basket from MelakuAromatherapy

Looking for a special scent to freshen up your home? Look no further than MelakuAromatherapy’s orange spice chai scents! All products from the store are 100% vegan and the store also sells African black soap, baby oil, and lip balms. Make sure to visit Elsa’s store, MelakuAromatherapy for more amazing products.

4. Canvas Wraps from PardonMyFro

PardonMyFro has amazing home décor, including Afro-style shower curtains, bath mats, throw blankets, throw pillows, duvet covers, mugs, art prints and canvas wraps! They also have a stylish makeup bags, umbrellas, clothing apparel, and a wide range of travel items.

5. Afro-Centric Home Décor from Llulo

Llulo is an independent black-owned home décor company dedicated to popularizing unique African styles using easy-to-wear Ankara fabrics. They specialize in West African style décor and sell Africa-shaped throw pillows, patterned wrapping paper, and oversized blankets with the Nigerian and Ghanaian flags.

6. Handmade Throw Pillows, Napkin Sets and Coffee Mugs from Reflektion Design

The wax-print fabric journals are just one of my favorite items from ReflektionDesign company. They also sell curtains, bedding, floor/meditation pillows, wall art, napkins, scarves and airplane pillows. Just like Llulo, their products are also made of Ankara fabric (African Dutch Wax) which makes them soft and resilient, while adding a sophisticated West African-flare to your home.

7. DIY Décor Projects from Home Made Luxe

If you’re like me and you enjoy making crafts, you’ll love Home Made Luxe’s DIY décor craft projects. Rather than spending money on lavish decor, each month you’ll receive a subscription box filled with all the instructions and materials needed to create your own décor piece. Founded by Keitha Moseley-Dendy, Home Made Luxe also sells one time products, including a paper flower project kit, DIY Starbucks wall décor, floral pallet signs, pumpkin tiered stands and other unique DIY projects.

8. Lamp Shades, Cushions and Rugs from Eva Sonaike

Eva Sonaike (founded by namesake Eva Sonaike) is dedicated to “bringing colour to life with modern West African design”. The company’s motto—life is always better with color—is so true! Check out the store online for stunning African-style make-up bags, pouffes, rugs, lamp shades, cushions, trays, and fabrics.

9. Cushions, Rugs and Wall Art from OT & O Home Interiors

OT&O Home Interiors is yet another African-inspired décor company with an incredible selection of fashion-forward furniture pieces, including their uniquely-textured handmade lace cushions and their wall art. The company was created by mother and daughter duo, Enitan and Tosin, who founded the company to spread the joy of African styled decor around the world.

10. Fruit Baskets, Storage Baskets and Decorative Baskets from Expedition Subsahara

Not only are their products gorgeous and handmade, but each product from Expedition Subsahara is made in Africa by African artists. This amazing company is on an incredible mission to end poverty for girls in Sub-Saharan Africa, by working with artisans in Senegal and Uganda to make handmade home décor and jewelry. The company’s founders Rosebell and Sofi plan to use the funds made from the sold products, to raise $5000 and build a school in Senegal. The building of more trade schools in Senegal and surrounding countries would give more young girls access to education and a way out of poverty.

To give you more information on the founder’s plans to end poverty for girls in Sub-Saharan Africa, here’s a video by the founders of Expedition Subsahara:

11. Shower Curtains, Pillows, Mugs, Posters and Wood Etching from Inspirado.Co

Inspirado sells shower curtains, wall art and mugs with inspiring messages to help you get through the day. You can place them in your bedroom, your dorm room, or in your workplace to remind you of your goals and help you live a more inspired, optimistic life.

12. Shower Curtains, Pillows, Plates, Cups and Placemats from Art, Fashion and Decor

Yvette Crocker’s Art, Fashion and Decor has a wide range of products with beautiful visuals, including doormats, shower curtains, duvet covers, journals, laptop skins and travel mugs.

13. Candle Holders, Coasters, and Glass Block Night Lights from TheBlackertheBerry

TheBlackertheBerry is run by a married couple, who make afro-centric statement pieces. Their home décor includes plates, African tissue box covers, table coasters, candleholders, refrigerator magnets and my personal favorite – the glass block night light.

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