Caring for Type 4 Hair 101

For many, type 4 hair care may be a foreign idea. You may not know how to take care of it because it may not have been in its natural form a good portion of your life. You may have gone to the hairdresser on a weekly basis to have your hair taken care of and just never had much experience taking care of your hair. For those who feel they need simple basic rules for caring for type 4 hair, keep reading for basic tips beginners need when starting out.

Find a go to hairstyle that’s easy to do. A lot of times, we may not want to go natural because we fear what will happen to our hair. We fear we do not have the knowledge to take care of it so we just leave it alone and/or cover it up. But there are so many tutorials on YouTube about how to take care of type 4 hair. Type in 4 hair tutorial on YouTube and look through videos until you find a regimen that works for you.

Combing it Out

Combing it out may seem very self explanatory. However, improper combing can lead to hair loss and we don’t want that. Before combing hair out (easier when wet or damp) divide hair into sections. Usually four sections is enough, but if you have thicker hair you may need to divide it into more sections. Start from the ends on up and comb each section of your hair. What I find that works the best for my hair is the wide tooth comb or shower comb. It gets all the tangles out and I have minimal shedding when combing my hair with this tool. Many people use a Denman brush to detangling their hair as well. You will have to decide with what work best for your hair. Normal shedding will occur of course. You will want to keep a spray bottle handy to spray each section of your hair.

When going natural, make sure you moisturize your hair! Do not leave your hair parched or think because it’s natural nothing has to go in it. Find out what works with your hair the best, creams, hair lotions, hair gel. Whichever gel you choose , make sure it is alcohol free so that it doesn’t dry your hair out. A great tip a hair dresser gave me was to oil your scalp with olive oil, or whatever kind of oil you have, and brush the oil down to the ends of your hair.


When growing your hair, the last thing you probably want to think about is cutting it off. However, trimming is important because you have to get rid of split ends. If you do not, your hair will keep splitting till it gets to the top and you will have serious damage. A trim is necessary every 4-6 weeks.

Hair Scarves and Hair Ties

When going to sleep, you want to keep your hair protected from cotton. Cotton cause split ends and can snag your hair. Make sure you have your silk bonnet or silk scarf. You can also purchase a silk pillowcase.

Hair Vitamins

Healthy hair and skin comes from within. In regards to caring for your hair, you have to make sure you are eating healthy and drinking enough water. What you do topically needs to be combined with practices of healthy eating for best results. Hair vitamins can help give your hair the necessary nutrients it may be missing to help it grow. You can find hair vitamins at any drug store or health store. Hair vitamins typically contain a high biotin level, so you will have to make sure you keep up with water intake to prevent your skin from breaking out. Hairfinity, Natures Bounty Hair Skin and Nails, Biotin, fish oil vitamins, have great reviews from consumers that can be seen online.

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