4 No’s in Skin Care

Skin care can be very addicting. Once you find a regimen that works for you…you don’t want to stop doing it. Taking care of your skin is a good habit. But are you doing to much? Too much of anything can be bad for you. If you eat too many vitamins that is bad. Too much water is bad. You catch my drift. Many daily/night time regimens are good if you’re doing a 1-3 step process, but I have to warn you black women of the bad habits.

If you are using peels, scrubs, spin brushes, and other exfoliating products DAILY, bad habit!

Yes. Exfoliating has many great benefits. It gets rid of dead skin cells and reveals the fresh new skin underneath. But if you exfoliate too often like everyday or almost everyday, you are damaging your skin. Why? Well, the new layer of skin underneath is constantly being exposed to the environmental factors making the skin more vulnerable to breakouts. It can deplete your skin of moisture. You do not want that. Try to minimize exfoliating to at least two to three times a week.

Using too Many Products

Are you a product junkie? Did you see a new ad on tv about the newest skin care line and have to check it out. Were you in the store and your legs wandered off to the health and beauty department in the store? Does this happen while you have other products underneath your sink? When you have a regimen, whether it is a three step, or a one product you use daily, give your skin time with one product. Switching up skin care products can be confuse the skin. The skin does not know what to do because it is being over worked. The damage of using too many skin care products is endless. It may become dried out, red, oily.

Eating Junk

Make sure you are not eating a bunch of processed foods and fast food. Oily, greasy foods can make your skin break out and make your skin oily as well. If you drink a lot of soda or drinks that have high sugar you can expect to break out as well. Make sure you read labels on the back of ingredients so you know what sugars, salt and other in gradients you are in-taking.

Using Products too Often

Make sure you read the exact recommendation of the use of the products. Do not abuse the product and use it too much. You do not want to cause your skin to become dry or damaged because you are using the product to often.

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