Colorist Chicks In My Circle Part 2: A Short Story about Colorism

So after my encounter with Tiffany, I’d done a pretty good job of sorting out who to and not befriend; discreetly discerning undercover colorists noting to maintain my distance. However there was a former friend who slipped through the cracks. Now she didn’t display her acts of colorism towards me directly, but she did in fact unveil her true colors while I observed her in action with another friend of mine. As mentioned prior I do not allow my experiences with colorism to jade my views of lightskin women. I embrace all shades of Black women unless I’m given reasons to do otherwise.

It was Fall of 2010, my college friend Geneva was flying in from the midwest to enjoy a fun and festive extended weekend with me and the rest of our college crew. Geneva arrived on a Thursday evening, the moment she touched down at LAX she hit my line informing me to meet her at the terminal. Leaving my then Compton residence heading north on the 710 towards the 105 west I looked forward to catching up with my friend and the laughter she brings with her infinite jokes. Geneva was known as the party girl in the crew, she really enjoyed a poppin’ club scene, with great drinks, and good looking men. She stood about 5’9, light skin, with a physique more on the slim thick side. She had a radiant smile and a lovable personality.

I finally scoop her up we greet each other and immediately start catching up. We decided to grab a quick bite to eat at one of the local eateries on Century Blvd. before heading back to my place. Once we finally arrive we laugh and talk some more before turning in for the night. Friday morning we map out our day; you know do to all the girly stuff that girls do when one of their girls comes to town. We started by hitting the malls and nail shop, beauty supply, and grabbing lunch before returning home to get ready. Back at my place we are making arrangements for the night; searching for what club is poppin’, putting together our outfits, and notifying the rest of the ladies of the night’s plans. Time is winding down and everyone’s at my place getting ready, what started as a party of 5 was now a group of 3. My other friend Niecey decided to come out with us; she and Geneva were no strangers we would all kick it pretty tuff during our college days.

Niecey was about 5’3, dark brown, and had all the goods that chicks are out here paying for. I’m talking all natural, plus she had been hitting the gym heavy so baby girl was sitting right (lol). So as we’re getting ready each of us occupying a different space in my apartment that contains a mirror we do the usual get ready with your crew turn up; you know music bump’n, hair curling, makeup application, and outfit check. If we can be honest about our circles there’s usually one or maybe two girls who may generally be the center of attention or the first guys go for, well Geneva is usually one of those girls, however that night it was evident who was turning heads honey! Ladies y’all know how you just have a moment when everything is on point from head to toe, well this was Niecey’s night and the proof was in the mingling.

We arrive to a popular urban night club in Hollywood and begin to scope out the scene, the crowd was in abundance and somehow Geneva was temporarily mixed in; me and Niecey begin to look for her; after a couple minutes we see Geneva and a handsome gentlemen talking from behind. Niecey and I approach them and as they turn around he says with a very delighted grin on his face, “Ooooohhhhh dotz”! Apparently in an effort to look for us Geneva had recruited the very handsome fella to help her out, he’d asked what we were wearing and Geneva described our outfits. Niecey was wearing a bomb ass polka dot print dress, therefore once he saw her approach them he immediately recognized her and evidently he was pleased with who he’d laid eyes on, it was obvious, so much so that I also observed the immediate cattiness begin to ooze from Geneva. This man was fine; caramel complexion, tall, clean cut, very easy on the eyes, and funny.

We decided to kick it with him and the rest of his crew, they were a chill bunch. Our time at the club was cut short being that we’d arrived only an hour and a half before closing. Mr. Handsome had a friend who had a spot nearby and they invited us to come hangout. By this time Geneva has regained her composure and managed to submerge her jealousy and is trying to convince us to stop through. Niecey and I were a bit apprehensive initially for safety precaution; we agreed to stop through briefly and then proceed on with our night.

We’re all back at Mr. Handsome friend’s place chilling and the vibe was cool. Everyone is laughing and recapping the night; at this point Geneva is really trying to win Mr. Handsome over but he’s not being very receptive, his attention is directed towards Niecey. While flattered, Niecey engages with him but more in a platonic way. This has Geneva fuming, in fact I’d never witnessed her this pressed by receiving attention from a guy, she was always more of the “I can have my pick” type of girl. What made it even more noticeable is because Geneva was also slightly inebriated and her disdain for not being the “chosen one” was so unbearable she could no longer suppress it. Even the friend whose place we were in had to ask her to chill out because she was getting out of line with her remarks. She began to low key snap on everyone, which was completely out of character as I’d mentioned she is usually the fun party girl always ready to have a great time.

It got so bad that I was in the middle of conversing with another one of the friends present; come to find out we grew up right around the corner from each other and attended the same elementary school. He was a Salvadorian fella with an urban flair, we are laughing and talking and Geneva is attempting to grasp my attention. Her attitude still a little funky so I low key ignore her ass hoping she’ll just chill out and enjoy the moment. She then practically yells my name from across the room to a point me and the guy both look over wondering what was her problem.

She then says to me, “I like him”, referring to the guy I’m speaking with. I say ok and we continue on with our conversation, I can honestly say it wasn’t like that with he and I either we were just making conversation. Can y’all believe she had the nerve to get my attention again to tell me the same thing, mind you she’s in the background the entire time pouting like a little girl, it really set her off that she was being overlooked for some “darkies”(smh). I decided to inform him that she was interested, for some reason the room became awkwardly silent and then his response was no better. With a look of OH-KAY! He says, “I mean that’s cool but I thought we was all here chillin’! I guess he saw right through her too, truth be told she wasn’t checking for him, she originally wanted Mr. Handsome but once she’d realized he wasn’t checking for her she decided to attempt and dirty mack me which was an even bigger epic fail because for one he wasn’t even stepping to me like that and secondly wasn’t even checking for her either. Like he said we were all chillin’.

We eventually call it a night and head home; however our morning recap was very interesting. Geneva was trying her best to downplay her genuine feelings and convince us how much she was feeling Salvadorian papi as if we weren’t there. I’d peeped her entire game but decided to let her “make it”. She was still pressed over being overlooked it was evident when she made a rude comment and tried to pass it off as a joke about Niecey’s outfit and Mr. Handsome’s reaction. By this time I was over this girl and her visit. I’d already been letting some other questionable behavior slide because I had a lot going on personally, but this was definitely the icing on the cake.

To make matters worse after Geneva had returned home she called me thinking she was going to reveal some disappointing news about Mr. Handsome after she learned that him and Niecey were still in contact; but her bubble was popped when I told her that I already knew because he had told Niecey and she filled me in. Like Geneva really couldn’t let it go and she even asked me if I thought she was prettier. After that I knew “it was a wrap”! I couldn’t help but to think if this is what she felt about Niecey then she definitely felt that way about me considering my aesthetic is much closer to Niecey’s than Geneva’s, it was apparent in her attempt to cut in on what she thought me and ole’ dude had going. I’ll never side with a friend who thinks she superior because she’s lighter. Had to send her packing now she’s just a colorist chick formerly in my circle!

A’ cylo ( ˈā/ˈsil/ lō) – “I am a writer with a passion for using my voice to speak on the issues many refuse. My hobbies include writing, dancing, and gardening. A fan of all shades of blue; with a slight addiction to popcorn, chips and salsa. I teach but more importantly I learn; continuously. Did I mention I’m a writer; and I’m serious about my content?!”


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