Career Women Interview Questions

Career Women Interview Questions

(Note: Keep in mind that the following sample questions are designed for a young, inexperienced, black female audience. All sample questions may not be asked in your specific interview. Additional interview questions may be added.)


What is your name, age, marital status (dating, married, engaged, single etc.) & what state do you live in?


Age of your partner and how long have you been together?

What do you and your partner do for a living and what are each of your gross, yearly incomes?

What age were you when you met?

What race is your partner?

What class were you and your partner raised in? (lower/working/middle/upper class etc.)

Did either of you have kids from a previous relationship? And if not, do you and your partner have or want kids?


What was your college major?

Outside of a degree what other training did you aqcuire?

How did you determine what career path was right for you?

How do you work and study? Did you work and study full time or part time?

Did you major in your passion or what other people told you to pursue?

Is it east making black woman friends in STEM?

What advice do you have for women starting college after age 35? 


How do you navigate competition, backstabbing, stepping on others to get ahead etc. in the workplace or your career field?

Do you feel pressure to outperform your peers and/or other black women?

How do you navigate white male dominated spaces?

Do you feel you can be competitive and feminine in the workplace?

How do you deal with racism and micro aggressions in the workplace?

Have you ever been labeled angry or combative due to the nature of your career? If so, how do you respond to that?

Do you ever experience imposter syndrome? If so, how do pull yourself out of that negative thought process? How do you maintain a level of confidence in your position?


Did you quit your job right away, or did you wait until the business was off the ground?

What re-starts or re-directs did you take in your career journey?
How long did you stay at your job or career before realizing you wanted to own a business?

What advice would you give black women who aspire to be business owners?


What exactly was your route to the level of income? Majors in school, certificates, etc.

Do you have a financial advisor?

What is your advice for obtaining multiple streams of income?


Do you credit any specific geographic area (city, county, state) that played a part in your success?

Did/do you have a mentor? If so, how did you find them?

Do you have any networking tips for those unfamiliar with the process?

How did you develop the courage to get started?

How do you deal with failure?

Who or what has stood in your way the most on your path to success?
Is there anything you wish you could have done differently on your path to success?
How do you deal with burnout?
Have you had to make any sacrafices and do you have any regrets?
What techniques did you pick up once you became more successful that you wish you would have picked up earlier?
Have you ever used “art of seduction” type strategies to get ahead?
Have you ever used astrology or any other metaphysics to determine your career path?
How do you navigate being a woman with power?
What advice would you give to younger women who aspire to be high earning?


Did you have outside support while getting your education and/or career started (living with parents, family etc.)?

Has your career afforded you a better social circle?


Did your partner provide any funding for your schooling or business? What’s the best way to get your partner to invest in your business ideas or goals?

How much time do you have for dating as a high earning woman? How do you make time for dating?

Did or do you have any financial expectations from men as a high earning career woman? Were/are you willing to date men who make less than you? Why or why not?

Would you say it’s easier or more challenging to be hypergamous as a high earning woman?
What’s the biggest advantage of having your own money when it comes to relationships?
How do you keep you love and sex life alive?


Do you plan on starting a family? If so, will you be a stay at home mom and/or return to the workforce?
Do you think women can “have it all” in terms of family and career? If so, how? If not, why?
How did/does having children fit into your lifestyle?
How do you balance family life, career and and climbing the corporate ladder?
How do you keep your home life and career separate? Do they ever overlap?
How do you deal with jealous family members?


Did/do you think looks and upkeep are important as a high earning woman?

What fashion advice do you have for curvy black women entering professional career fields?

What hair advice  can you give to natural black women entering demanding work and school schedules?


How do you incorporate self-care into your busy schedule? 

Do you hire help to get things done aroung the house?