Childfree Interview Questions


(Note: Keep in mind that the following sample questions are designed for a young, inexperienced, black female audience. All sample questions may not be asked in your specific interview. Additional interview questions may be added.)


What is your name, age, marital status (dating, married, engaged, single etc.) & what state do you live in?


Age of your partner and how long have you been together?

What do you and your partner do for a living and what are each of your gross, yearly incomes?

What age were you when you met?

What race is your partner?


At what age did you know that you didn’t want children?

What are the main reasons you don’t want children? Is your decision to remain childfree your own or is it born out of any fear or family trauma?

What would you consider the most effective birth control? Have you had your tubes tied or completely removed?

Do you ever worry that you will regret or change your mind about not wanting children?

What assumptions have people made about you because you are childfree?

If you ever encountered a child in need of guardianship, would you take them in, or adopt?


Are you interested in marriage? Why/why not? (if applicable)

Do you date men with children? If so, is there a preferred age range for the children?

Is it hard meeting well do to men who don’t want children? 

Have you ever dated a guy who changed his mind about not wanting children later in the relationship?

How do you tell potential partners about your desire to remain child free?

Has being childfree or not wanting children affected your relationship prospects?

Do you fell men take you less seriously because you are childfree and/or don’t want children?

Would you ever consider having children for your ideal man?

Would you say that it’s difficult to find a man who is willing to provide financially for a woman who doesn’t want children?


What do you consider the pros and cons of the childfree lifestyle?

Do you ever feel lonely not having children? If so, how do you deal with that?


How do you remain confident in your choice to be childless when society values childless people (black women in particular) as less than those with children?

Has being childfree gotten you any negative reactions from other women?

Do you find it difficult to relate to/ form friendships with other women because you’re childfree?
Do you disclose your decision to remain childfree to co-workers? If so, how do they react?
How do you handle any negative reactions to being childfree from family, friends and co-workers?
Does your family, boss  or co-workers expect you to do more or work more because you are childfree? If so, how do you handle that?
Do you think childfree women having community and a strong support system is important? If so, how do you recommend they go about getting that if they don’t have it?


Who are the beneficiaries of your 401k, investments and savings? Other than your mom, will your money be left with your sibings/other family members or donated and how did you choose them?

Do you have a plan in place for medical care when you become elderly?
Does it bother you that you are not leaving behind a legacy through children?