Divorcee Interview Questions

Divorcee Interview Questions

(Note: Keep in mind that the following sample questions are designed for a young, inexperienced, black female audience. All sample questions may not be asked in your specific interview. Additional interview questions may be added.)


What is your name, age, marital status (dating, married, engaged, single etc.) & what state do you live in?


Age of your ex partner and how long were you together?

What did you/your ex partner do for a living and what are each of your gross, yearly incomes?

What age were you both when you met?

What race is your ex partner?

What class were you and your ex partner raised in? (lower/working/middle/upper class etc.)

Did either of you have kids from a previous relationship? How many kids do you have now?


Who initiated the divorce and why?

Were there any warning signs or red flags you saw before the marriage that you ignored? If so, what were they?

Do you think you could’ve vetted your ex better?

Would you marry the same type of man again (based on his earnings, profession, family background, looks etc.)

Do you think it’s possible to outgrow your partner after getting married? If so, how do you get past that?

How has the divorce affected your life and the lives of your children?

Do do you feel like you should have waited longer to start a family with your ex?

Did you ever feel like marriage was a badge of honor before getting a divorce? If so, how do you feel now?

Do you regret getting divorced?

What did you learn about yourself since the divorce?

What advice would you give women who plan on getting married? Do you think there is an ideal age or time to get married?

Would you consider getting married again? Why or why not?

Do you think marriage is beneficial to black women after going through it?


Did you make more than you ex? If so, did that contribute to the divorce? Do you pay or receive alimony or child support?

Did you go into marriage with a plan for the possibility of divorce? (prenup, savings, etc.). If so, how was this plan helpful for you during the divorce process?

If you signed a prenupt beforehand, how did you do it, how much did it cost, and do you think it was fair in the end? If not, do you wish you did?

Do you have any legal recommendations pertaining to marriage and divorce? (lawyers, lawfirms etc.)

What are other ways to legally and financially protect yourself in marriage and divorce besides prenup?

How does your personal financial status compare to before and after marriage? 


Are you dating again? If so, how do you get back into the dating game? 

Has your divorce negatively affected your dating life?

How has divorce affected your standards in men?

Do you think its difficult to date hypergamously after divorce?

If you married a black man, are you open to dating other races of men?


Did you keep yourself up physically throughout the marriage (weight, style, hair, nails, etc.) If not, do you think that contributed to your marriage ending?


How long was your healing process after divorce? Do you recommend therapy during this process?

How has your life changed since getting a divorce?