Hypergamy & Dating High Earning Men Interview Questions


(Note: Keep in mind that the following sample questions are designed for a young, inexperienced, black female audience. All sample questions may not be asked in your specific interview. Additional interview questions may be added.)


What is your name, age, marital status (dating, married, engaged, single etc.) & what state do you live in?

Age of your partner and how long have you been together?

What do you and your partner do for a living and what are each of your gross, yearly incomes?

What age were you when you met?

What race is your partner?

What class were you and your partner raised in? (lower/working/middle/upper class etc.)

Did either of you have kids from a previous relationship? And if not, do you and your partner have or want kids?


Where did/do you meet high earning men?

Is there a specific race of high earning men that you prefer or attract?

Were you strategically hypergamous or did it happen by chance?

High earning men generally date/marry women of the same socio economic class. What would you tell women who are interested in social climbing in part, to meet high earning men?

Do you think hypergamy for black women is realistic during a recession?

How do recommend young women meet upwardly mobile men in college? (for women who met their spouse in college)

Do you believe there are any secrets or requirements to attract high earning men?

Do/did you serial date with high earning men before meeting your partner?


What typical personality traits have you noticed that come with high earning men? Did you notice a personality difference between high earning and low earning men?

Have you had to deal with arrogance from high earning men and does it bother you?

In your experience, how early do high earning men expect sex? How early do you recommend having sex with high earning men?

Is there anything you feel you had to sacrifice for your hypergamous relationship or high earning man?

Do you feel like you have enough freedom in your relationship?

Do you find that high earning men are controlling, manipulative, abusive etc.?

Do you find that high earning men are less intimate or emotionally available than average or below average earning men?

Do you feel like a priority in the life of your significant other? Do you feel second to their career and if so, does that bother you?

How long did it take for your high earning, significant other commit to you?

In your experience, what do high earning men expect or want from the women they’re dating?

Does your significant other have a demanding job and if so, how does that affect you and your children?

In your experience, are there any downsides or restrictions to dating high earning men?

What’s your advice for black women wanting to obtain this type of lifestyle?


How do you and your partner identify culturally, religiously and politically and how has that affected your relationship? Was it hard finding a high earning man with your same faith/religion?


Were you initially attracted to your significant other/is he conventionally attractive/average looking etc.? How important are a man’s looks to you?

What dress size were you when you met your partner? Do you feel there’s a certain weight requirement to date high earning men?

Do you wear your hair natural or wear weave and does your partner prefer you to wear your hair a certain way?

Do you feel you are your partners physical preference?

Are you traditionally feminine?

What part of your looks or personality do you feel gives you a competitive edge in attracting high earning men?

Do you feel pressured to always keep a “flawless” appearance for your significant other?


How are finances managed in the household? Does your significant other make all of the financial decisions?

Is your high earning man generous with his money? How do you determine if a high earning man is generous?

Do you ever pay for dates?

Does your significant other ever feel like you’re using them for money?

Do you save money for yourself individually and do you have shared bank accounts?

What legal documents are important to have in marriage (prenup, will, and other legal docs)?

What do you have in place for yourself in the unfortunate event of divorce?

In the unfortunate event that your significant other lose their job, become ill etc., what financial safety measures are in place? Would you be willing to become the breadwinner?

Do you foresee your relationship changing in the event you begin out earning your significant other?


Did you and your partner live together before marriage?

How often do you enjoy leisure time, travel etc.?

How do you and your significant other keep love/romantic alive?

How much time do you realistically have for intimacy and sex?

Is infidelity accepted in your relationship?

Do you have any likeminded, hypergamous black woman friends? If so, where did you meet them?

Did you feel like you had to disengage from the “Black community” or black culture once you entered your hypergamous relationship?


Are you close with your partners family and how do they view your hypergamous relationship dynamic?

How did you handle friends/family that tried to discourage you from dating high earning men?

UNCUT QUESTIONS (this portion of the interview will be posted for Chrissie’s paid subscribers only)

Have you found that your sex life is better or worse with high earning men?

In your experience, are high earning men are into more “alternative” sexual activities/lifestyles? (sub/dom, pegging, group sex, race play etc.)

Have you found that your sex life is better or worse with non black men? Is the rumor true about non black men having smaller packages?