Interracial Dating Interview Questions


(Note: Keep in mind that the following sample questions are designed for a young, inexperienced, black female audience. All sample questions may not be asked in your specific interview. Additional interview questions may be added.)


What is your name, age, marital status (dating, married, engaged, single etc.) & what state do you live in?

Age of your partner and how long have you been together?

What do you and your partner do for a living and what are each of your gross, yearly incomes?

What age were you when you met?

What race is your partner?

What class were you and your partner raised in? (lower/working/middle/upper class etc.)

Did either of you have kids from a previous relationship? And if not, do you and your partner have or want kids?


Have you always been attracted to non black men? Did you have to overcome the desire of only being with a black man romantically/sexually? Do you feel it’s possible to develop a genuine attraction to non black men that you didn’t have previously?

Does your partner like your natural hair or prefer that you wear it a certain way? Do you find that non black men like your natural hair more than black men?

Did you have to overcome the desire of only wanting black children/children who look like you? If so, how did you come to terms with having mixed race children?

Do you and your non black partner discuss racism/colorism etc.?

Do you feel objectified/fetishized by your non black partner?

Did you have to overcome the culture shock of dating non black men, being around their family, friends, culture etc.? If so, how did you get over the desire to only want relationships and community with black people?

Have you ever had to deal with racism from non black high earning men and their families? If so, how did you handle it?

Have you had to deal with judgement from other black friends, family and community for your decision to date/marry out? If so, how did you handle it?

Have you ever encountered black men who were upset about your choice to date/marry out? How do you and your partner protect yourselves against this?

What challenges have you had dating/marrying out, if any?


How do you and your partner identify culturally, religiously and politically and how has that affected your relationship? Was it hard finding a high earning man with your same faith/religion?

UNCUT QUESTIONS (this portion of the interview will be posted for Chrissie’s paid subscribers only)

Have you found that your sex life is better or worse with non black men? Is the rumor true about non black men having smaller packages?

In your experience, are non black men into more “alternative” sexual activities/lifestyles? (sub/dom, pegging, group sex, race play etc.)